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首頁 > 產品展示 > > Cygnus Technologies > Protein A宿主蛋白檢測試劑盒F050、F050H和F400

Protein A宿主蛋白檢測試劑盒F050、F050H和F400

描述:Cygnus technologies, Inc.是美國一家專門從事生物工程和制藥過程中殘留物檢測的一系列產品。生物制品生產過程中存在許多影響產品質量的殘留物,諸如特殊重組表達系統中宿主細胞蛋白( Host Cell protein, HCP )的殘留以及生物制品加工過程中培養物殘留的污染物。公司提供了廣泛而靈敏度*的一系列用于檢測生物工程殘留物的產品,


 Cygnus technologies, Inc.是美國一家專門從事生物工程和制藥過程中殘留物檢測的一系列產品。生物制品生產過程中存在許多影響產品質量的殘留物,諸如特殊重組表達系統中宿主細胞蛋白( Host Cell protein, HCP )的殘留以及生物制品加工過程中培養物殘留的污染物。公司提供了廣泛而靈敏度*的一系列用于檢測生物工程殘留物的產品,

Protein A的檢測試劑盒

針對開發抗體藥,檢測純化過程中殘留的Protein A,也有其他相關應用,分為三款F050、F050H和F400,其中F400是產品,是靈敏度zui高、效果的檢測Protein A的試劑盒。





 貨號  標記系統  底物  靈敏度  檢測對象  處理步驟
 F050  生物素,


 PNPP  120pg/mL  重組的Protein A  無熱處理



 PNPP  100pg/mL  人源化的Protein A  熱處理
 F400  HRP  TMB  50pg/mL  重組修飾的Protein A  熱處理




Protein A ELISA kit

This ELISA incorporates some improvements over the earlier kits and is designed to better detect the newer, unnatural constructs of Protein A such as the MabSelect SuReTM ligand sold by GE Healthcare. If you are using a recombinant form of Protein A with very significant structural differences from natural Protein A such as MabSelect SuReTM you should use the Catalog #F400 kit. If you are evaluating our Protein A assays for the first time, we recommend using this kit, since it offers other robustness and procedural advantages over the older kits. The LOD is ~50pg/mL

We have improved the sample treatment procedure which reduces tedious pipetting while increasing throughput of the sample processing step. Validation of the new method shows excellent precision with improved overall robustness of the assay. This new method has demonstrated superior spike and recovery in problematic sample matrices and also overcomes 'front-to-back' drift reported by some labs. Labs equipped with microplate adaptable centrifuges can now process up to 96 tests simultaneously. Instead of using individual microfuge tubes, the new method uses a 96 well "PCR" Sample Treatment Plate and an adhesive seal, included in the kit. This procedure also minimizes problems of inadvertent disruption of the pelletized denatured proteins when handling microfuge tubes.

Catalog # Size Price Qty.
F400 1 kit 8400

F050 1 kit 8400

F050h 1 kit 8400


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