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Columbia Biosciences產品介紹

描述:Columbia Biosciences公司致力于開發新的的技術來提高蛋白質純化,標簽和共軛。
Columbia Biosciences開發和生產熒光蛋白,標記抗體和新型蛋白質純化配體。藻膽蛋白和葉綠素結合蛋白,如變藻藍蛋白(APC),藻紅蛋白(PE)和Peridinin葉綠素(PerCP)的偶聯物熒光染料由哥倫比亞提供的熒光團

Columbia Biosciences公司致力于開發新的的技術來提高蛋白質純化,標簽和共軛。
Columbia Biosciences開發和生產熒光蛋白,標記抗體和新型蛋白質純化配體。藻膽蛋白和葉綠素結合蛋白,如變藻藍蛋白(APC),藻紅蛋白(PE)和Peridinin葉綠素(PerCP)的偶聯物熒光染料由哥倫比亞提供的熒光團。


About Columbia Biosciences
Columbia Biosciences is developing new technology to improve protein purification, labeling and conjugation. Columbia began as a spin-off from Martek Biosciences Corporation in 2007 to accomplish three objectives. 
  • Our first objective was to develop a gentle, pH-neutral antibody purification technology to replace Protein A and Protein G affinity chromatography. This new proprietary method avoids antibody unfolding and refolding, as well as carbohydrate degradation of the Fc region. This process may promise reduced aggregation, lower probability of immune related side effects and improved efficacy for therapeutic antibodies. To date, Columbia has developed the chromatography tools for purifying human monoclonal antibodies and is in the process of purifying a population of human antibodies to demonstrate their improved function.
  • Our second objective was to improve the technology associated with culturing microalgae, harvesting their fluorophores and conjugating them to antibodies for sale as biologic reagents. Columbia has developed new fluorescent products including B-phycoerythrin (B-PE), R-phycoerythrin (R-PE), peridinin chlorophyll (PerCP) and their associated tandem fluorophores.  We have also licensed Dylight® fluorophores, which allows us to make high intensity conjugates for use in fluorescent microscopy and High Throughput Screening (HTS).  
  • Our third objective was to develop a full suite of custom services including protein purification, modification, conjugation and labeling. We currently provide such services to large pharmaceutical companies, academia and US government laboratories. 
Columbia’s distributors include Fisher Scientific, Abcam, PerkinElmer, Cayman Chemical, Funakoshi and CosmioBio.
Columbia Biosciences develops and manufactures fluorescent proteins, antibody conjugates and novel protein purification ligands. Phycobiliproteins and Chlorophyll Binding Proteins such as Allophycocyanin (APC), Phycoerythrin (PE) and Peridinin Chlorophyll (PerCP) are some of the fluorophores which Columbia offers for sale as conjugates and native dyes.


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