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enzyme research代理 enzyme research總代

描述:For over 25 years Enzyme Research Laboratories has been manufacturing and distributing a variety of enzymes and cofactors used in basic coagulation research



For over 25 years Enzyme Research Laboratories has been manufacturing and distributing a variety of enzymes and cofactors used in basic coagulation research. By constantly striving for products of utmost quality, ERL has earned the trust of coagulation research communities worldwide. ERL is dedicated to serving the research and diagnostic communities by offering a complementary line of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.
Purified zymogens and activated enzymes from human and bovine plasmas
Active-site blocked enzymes
Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to clotting factors
ELISA reagents for detection of clotting factors
Contract and custom peptide and protein purification services to meet your specifications




HPlasmin人 Plasmin0.10 mg2600enzyme research
MAT小鼠抗凝血酶0.1 mg2600enzyme research
NIG-IGPurified IgG from Non-Immune Sera10 mg2600enzyme research
NIR-IGPurified IgG from Non-Immune Sera10 mg2600enzyme research
NIS-IGPurified IgG from Non-Immune Sera20 mg2600enzyme research
SACWF-IG抗Canine von Willebrand Factor (CvWF)5 mg2600enzyme research
BAT牛 抗凝血酶 1.0 mg2600enzyme research
HAT人 抗凝血酶 1.0 mg2600enzyme research
BT 1002a牛 凝血酶1000U  2600enzyme research
HT 1002a人 a-凝血酶1000u2600enzyme research
BFXIa 11a牛 11因子a1.0 mg2600enzyme research
HPG 2001人 Glu-Plasminogen1.0 mg2600enzyme research
BPg牛 Plasminogen1.0 mg2600enzyme research
SAAT-IG抗人 抗凝血酶 III (ATIII)10 mg2600enzyme research
CFibCanine 纖維蛋白原1.0 mg2600enzyme research
MFg小鼠纖維蛋白原1.0 mg2600enzyme research
RbFg兔纖維蛋白原1.0 mg2600enzyme research
RFibRat 纖維蛋白原1.0 mg2600enzyme research
HP 1002人 Pro凝血酶100 units (9 mg)2600enzyme research
BFIB1牛 纖維蛋白原,1.0 g2600enzyme research
FIB 1人 纖維蛋白原, 1.0 g2600enzyme research
HPlasmin人 Plasmin1.0 mg2600enzyme research
LPG 2002人 Lys-Plasminogen1.0 mg2600enzyme research
FN人 Fibronectin1.0 mg2600enzyme research
P1FIBPeak '1'10.0 mg2600enzyme research
GAA2M-IG 抗人 a2-Macroglobulin (a2M)10 mg2600enzyme research
GAAT-IG抗人 抗凝血酶 III (ATIII)10 mg2600enzyme research
SA1AT-IG 抗人 a1-Antitrypsin (a1AT)10 mg2600enzyme research
BP 1004牛 Pro凝血酶100 units (10 mg)2600enzyme research
BPCa牛 Activated Protein C0.1 mg2600enzyme research
NIG-FITCPurified IgG from Non-Immune Sera0.1 mg2600enzyme research
NIS-FITCPurified IgG from Non-Immune Sera0.1 mg2600enzyme research
SACWF-HRP抗Canine von Willebrand Factor (CvWF)0.2 mg2600enzyme research
CTICorn Trypsin Inhibitor1.0 mg2600enzyme research
MPg小鼠Plasminogen1.0 mg2600enzyme research
GAPG-IG抗人 Plasminogen (Pg)5 mg2600enzyme research
SAFII-IG   sheep, purified IgG,10 mg2600enzyme research
SAPG-IGsheep, purified IgG,5 mg2600enzyme research
RVV-XRussell’s Viper Venom1.0 mg2600enzyme research
HFXIIab11因子Ia beta0.1 mg2600enzyme research
HTi  人 凝血酶1.0 mg2600enzyme research
GA1AT-IG抗人 a1-Antitrypsin (a1AT)10 mg2600enzyme research
GAVWF-IG抗人 von Willebrand Factor (vWF)2.5 mg2600enzyme research
HAPO-HApolipoprotein-H0.1 mg2600enzyme research
SABT-IGsheep, purified IgG,10 mg2600enzyme research
SAHT-IGsheep, purified IgG,10 mg2600enzyme research
HPC 1001Protein C0.1 mg2600enzyme research
SARAT-IG抗兔抗凝血酶 III (ATIII)10 mg2600enzyme research
GAFIX-IG抗人 九因子(F.IX)10 mg2600enzyme research
GAFX-IG抗人 十因子 (F.X)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAFG-IGSheep, purified IgG,10 mg2600enzyme research
SAFGP-IGsheep, purified IgG,10 mg2600enzyme research
SAFNE-IGSheep, purified IgG,     10 mg2600enzyme research
SANE-IG抗人 Neutrophil Elastase (HNE)10 mg2600enzyme research
SARFG-IGsheep, purified IgG,10 mg2600enzyme research
FIB 2人 纖維蛋白原, vWF1.0 g2600enzyme research
HFVII 1007人 Factor VII0.1 mg2600enzyme research
HFXI 111111因子0.1 mg2600enzyme research
SART-IGsheep, purified IgG,                                 10 mg10 mg2600enzyme research
P2FIBPeak '2'10.0 mg2600enzyme research
DAS-APFTC抗Sheep Immunoglobulin (IgG:H&L)  0.5 mg2600enzyme research
DAS-APHRP抗Sheep Immunoglobulin (IgG:H&L)  0.5 mg2600enzyme research
GAM-APHRP抗Mouse Immunoglobulin (IgG:H&L)  0.5 mg2600enzyme research
SAR-APHRP抗兔Immunoglobulin (IgG:H&L)  0.5 mg2600enzyme research
GA2AP-IG抗人 a2Antiplasmin (a2AP)5 mg2600enzyme research
GAFXI-IG 抗人 11因子 (F.XI)5 mg2600enzyme research
GAFXII-IG抗人 11因子I (F.XII)5 mg2600enzyme research
GAHC2-IGgoat, purified IgG,  5 mg2600enzyme research
GAPC-IG抗人 Protein C (PC)5 mg2600enzyme research
GAPCI-IG抗人 Protein C Inhibitor (PCI)10 mg2600enzyme research
GAPS-HRP抗人 Protein S (PS)0.2 mg2600enzyme research
GAPS-IG抗人 Protein S (PS)5 mg2600enzyme research
SABFV-IGsheep, purified IgG,10 mg2600enzyme research
SAF13A-IG抗人 11因子II (A subunit)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAF8C-IG抗人 F.VIII:C (F.VIII:C)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAFIX-IG抗人 九因子(F.IX)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAFV-IGsheep, purified IgG,10 mg2600enzyme research
SAFVII-IGsheep, purified IgG,10 mg2600enzyme research
SAFXI-IG 抗人 11因子 (F.XI)5 mg2600enzyme research
SAFXII-IG抗人 11因子I (F.XII)5 mg2600enzyme research
SAFXIII-IG抗人 11因子II (F.XIII) 10 mg2600enzyme research
SAHD-IG抗Hirudin 10 mg2600enzyme research
SAKN-IG抗人 Kininogen (KN)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAPC-IG抗人 Protein C (PC)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAPF4-IG抗人 Plaet Factor 4 (PF4)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAPK-IG抗人 Prekallikrein (PK)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAPS-IG抗人 Protein S (PS)10 mg2600enzyme research
SATAFI-IG 抗人 凝血酶 Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor (TAFI)10 mg2600enzyme research
SATPA-IG           抗Tissue type Plasminogen Activator (tPA)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAVM-IG 抗Vimentin (Vm)10 mg2600enzyme research
SAVN-IG抗Vitronectin (Vn)10 mg2600enzyme research
Mab HFVMonoclonal Ab to HFV0.5 mg2600enzyme research
MIIa小鼠凝血酶0.05 mg2600enzyme research
2HK 1301Two Chain High MW1.0 mg2600enzyme research
FIB 3人 纖維蛋白原, vWF1.0 g2600enzyme research
SAPAI-IG      抗Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1)10 mg2600enzyme research
a2APa2-Antiplasmin0.1 mg2600enzyme research
SA2AP-IG抗人 a2Antiplasmin (a2AP)10 mg2606.1enzyme research
BFIX 1005牛 Factor IX100 units (0.5 mg)2687.7enzyme research
APC  Activated Protein C0.1 mg2739.72enzyme research
GAB2G-IG    抗人 B2-Glycoprotein-1 (Apolipoprotein-H)5 mg2748.9enzyme research
SACWF-IG抗Canine von Willebrand Factor (CvWF)5 mg2748.9enzyme research
SAPZ-IG抗人 Protein Z (PZ)10 mg2748.9enzyme research
SARTW-IG抗Rat von Willebrand Factor (RvWF)5 mg2748.9enzyme research
SATF-IG抗人 Tissue Factor (TF)10 mg2748.9enzyme research
PKAPrekallikrein Activator2.0 mL2791.74enzyme research
GAA2M-APHRP 抗人 a2-Macroglobulin (a2M)0.1 mg2891.7enzyme research
GACINH-IG            抗人 C1-Inhibitor (C1 esterase inhibitor)5 mg2891.7enzyme research
GAPG-抗人 Plasminogen (Pg)0.1 mg2891.7enzyme research
SA1AT-APHRP抗人 a1-Antitrypsin (a1AT)0.1 mg2891.7enzyme research
SA2B3A-IG抗人 Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa (GPIIbIIIa)10 mg2891.7enzyme research
SAFG-APSheep, affinity purified, IgG,0.5 mg2891.7enzyme research
Mab HFVMonoclonal Ab to HFV0.5 mg2895.78enzyme research
HPC-GD人 Protein C0.1 mg2930.46enzyme research
F1Pro凝血酶 Frag. 11.0 mg2982.48enzyme research
F2Pro凝血酶 Frag. 21.0 mg2982.48enzyme research
HFXIa 1111a11因子a0.1 mg3077enzyme research
APCi  Activated Protein C0.1 mg3207.9enzyme research
BFV/Va牛 Factor V/Va100 units (1 mg)3225.24enzyme research
GP2b3a人 GPIIbIIIa1.0 mg3225.24enzyme research
HFVIIa  人 Factor VIIa0.1 mg3225.24enzyme research
HK 1300Single Chain High MW1.0 mg3225.24enzyme research
GAFIX-APFTC抗人 九因子(F.IX)0.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
GAFIX-APHRP抗人 九因子(F.IX)0.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
GAFIX-HRP抗人 九因子(F.IX)0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
GAFX-HRP抗人 十因子 (F.X)0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
GAFXI-HRP抗人 11因子 (F.XI)0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
GAFXII-HRP抗人 11因子I (F.XII)0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
GAPG-AP抗人 Plasminogen (Pg)0.5 mg3248.7enzyme research
GAVWF-APFTC抗人 von Willebrand Factor (vWF)0.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
GAVWF-HRP抗人 von Willebrand Factor (vWF)0.15 mg3248.7enzyme research
PF4Plaet Factor 40.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
SACWF-HRP抗Canine von Willebrand Factor (CvWF)0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAFG-APHRPSheep, HRP-AP IgG,0.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAFG-HRPSheep, perox-conj.. IgG,0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAFGP-HRPsheep, perox-conj. IgG,0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAFIX-APHRP抗人 九因子(F.IX)0.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAFNE-HRPSheep, perox-conj. IgG,0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAFX-APFTC抗人 十因子 (F.X)0.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAKN-APHRP抗人 Kininogen (KN)0.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAPC-HRP抗人 Protein C (PC)0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAPG-APsheep, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAPK-APHRP抗人 Prekallikrein (PK)0.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAPS-HRP抗人 Protein S (PS)0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
SARFG-HRPsheep, perox-conj. IgG,0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
SARTW-HRP抗Rat von Willebrand Factor (RvWF)0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
SATF-HRP抗人 Tissue Factor (TF)0.2 mg3248.7enzyme research
SAVN-APHRP抗Vitronectin (Vn)0.1 mg3248.7enzyme research
GA1AT-AP抗人 a1-Antitrypsin (a1AT)0.5 mg3284.4enzyme research
GAA2M-AP 抗人 a2-Macroglobulin (a2M)0.5 mg3284.4enzyme research
SA1AT-AP抗人 a1-Antitrypsin (a1AT)0.5 mg3284.4enzyme research
GAHC2goat, HRP-AP IgG,  0.1 mg3320.1enzyme research
SAAT-APFTC抗人 抗凝血酶 III (ATIII)0.1 mg3320.1enzyme research
SAAT-APHRP抗人 抗凝血酶 III (ATIII)0.1 mg3320.1enzyme research
SAHD-HRP抗Hirudin 0.2 mg3462.9enzyme research
SANE-HRP抗人 Neutrophil Elastase (HNE)0.2 mg3462.9enzyme research
SAVM-APHRP抗Vimentin (Vm)0.1 mg3462.9enzyme research
HFIX 1009Factor IX100 units (0.5 mg)3520.02enzyme research
GAB2G-HRP抗人 B2-Glycoprotein-1 (Apolipoprotein-H)0.2 mg3552.15enzyme research
HFXII 121211因子I0.5 mg3570enzyme research
SAFPA-IGsheep, purified IgG,10 mg3623.55enzyme research
SATFPI-IG 抗人 Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor (TFPI)10 mg3623.55enzyme research
GA2AP-HRP抗人 a2Antiplasmin (a2AP)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
GACINH-HRP抗人 C1-Inhibitor (C1 esterase inhibitor)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
GAFXI-APFTC抗人 11因子 (F.XI)0.1 mg3730.65enzyme research
MATF-FITC抗人 Tissue Factor (TF)0.1 mg3730.65enzyme research
RAFX-HRP抗人 十因子 (F.X)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAAT-AP抗人 抗凝血酶 III (ATIII)0.5 mg3730.65enzyme research
SABFV-HRPsheep perox-conj. IgG,0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SABT-HRPsheep, perox-conj. IgG,0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAF13A-APFTC抗人 11因子II (A subunit)0.1 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAF13A-HRP抗人 11因子II (A subunit)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAF8C-APFTC抗人 F.VIII:C (F.VIII:C)0.1 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAF8C-HRP抗人 F.VIII:C (F.VIII:C)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAFII-AP sheep, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAFII-HRPsheep, perox-conj. IgG,0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAFV-APFTCsheep, AP-FITC0.1 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAFV-HRPsheep, perox-conj. IgG,0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAFVII-APFTC抗人 F.VII (F.VII)0.1 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAFVII-HRP抗人 F.VII (F.VII)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAFXIII-HRP抗人 11因子II (F.XIII) 0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAHT-APFTCsheep, AP-FITC0.1 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAHT-HRPsheep, perox-conj. IgG,0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAPF4-HRP抗人 Plaet Factor 4 (PF4)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SAPZ-HRP抗人 Protein Z (PZ)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SARAT-HRP抗兔抗凝血酶 III (ATIII)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SARFG-APsheep, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg3730.65enzyme research
SATAFI-HRP 抗人 凝血酶 Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor (TAFI)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
SATPA-APFTC抗Tissue type Plasminogen Activator (tPA)0.1mg3730.65enzyme research
SATPA-HRP抗Tissue type Plasminogen Activator (tPA)0.2 mg3730.65enzyme research
HFX 1010十因子100 units (0.8 mg)3814.8enzyme research
SART-HRPsheep, perox-conj. IgG,0.2 mg3819.9enzyme research
MFXIII小鼠11因子II0.1 mg3884.16enzyme research
SANE-AP抗人 Neutrophil Elastase (HNE)0.5 mg4087.65enzyme research
SAPAI-HRP      抗Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1)0.2 mg4105.5enzyme research
HFVIIaGD人 Factor VIIa0.1 mg4178.94enzyme research
HFVIIai FVIIa inactivated0.1 mg4178.94enzyme research
GAAT-AP抗人 抗凝血酶 III (ATIII)0.5 mg4212.6enzyme research
BFX 1006牛 十因子100 units (1.0 mg)4265.64enzyme research
SAKN-AP抗人 Kininogen (KN)0.5 mg4337.55enzyme research
SAPK-AP抗人 Prekallikrein (PK)0.5 mg4337.55enzyme research
HP-GD  Pro凝血酶10.0 mg4352.34enzyme research
HFXab人 十因子a beta100 units (0.8 mg)4369.68enzyme research
GAB2G-AP    抗人 B2-Glycoprotein-1 (Apolipoprotein-H)0.5 mg4444.65enzyme research
GAFIX-AP抗人 九因子(F.IX)0.5 mg4444.65enzyme research
GAFX-AP抗人 十因子 (F.X)0.5 mg4444.65enzyme research
GAVWF-AP抗人 von Willebrand Factor (vWF)0.5 mg4444.65enzyme research
SABFV-APsheep, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg4444.65enzyme research
SAFII-F2APsheep, Pro凝血酶0.5 mg4444.65enzyme research
SAFIX-AP抗人 九因子(F.IX)0.5 mg4444.65enzyme research
SAFX-AP抗人 十因子 (F.X)0.5 mg4444.65enzyme research
SARAT-AP抗兔抗凝血酶 III (ATIII)0.5 mg4444.65enzyme research
BFXa  牛 十因子a100 units (1.0 mg)4456.38enzyme research
MAPC-IG抗人 Protein C (PC)0.5 mg4533.9enzyme research
HFXIII 131311因子II0.25 mg4560.42enzyme research
BPC 1003牛 Protein C1.0 mg4577.76enzyme research
HFXa 1011十因子a100 units (0.8 mg)4577.76enzyme research
GAFXI-AP抗人 11因子 (F.XI)0.5 mg4587.45enzyme research
SAFVII-AP抗人 F.VII (F.VII)0.5 mg4587.45enzyme research
SAFXI-AP抗人 11因子 (F.XI)0.5 mg4587.45enzyme research
SAPC-AP 抗人 Protein C (PC)0.5 mg4587.45enzyme research
SAPS-AP抗人 Protein S (PS)0.5 mg4587.45enzyme research
SATPA-AP          抗Tissue type Plasminogen Activator (tPA)0.5 mg4587.45enzyme research
GA2AP-AP抗人 a2Antiplasmin (a2AP)0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
GAFXII-AP抗人 11因子I (F.XII)0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
GAHC2-APgoat, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
GAPCI-AP抗人 Protein C Inhibitor (PCI)0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
GAPCI-HRP抗人 Protein C Inhibitor (PCI)0.2 mg4676.7enzyme research
SAFII-F1APsheep, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
SAFXII-AP抗人 11因子I (F.XII)0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
SAHD-AP抗Hirudin 0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
SAPF4-AP抗人 Plaet Factor 4 (PF4)0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
SATAFI-AP 抗人 凝血酶 Activatable Fibrinolysis Inhibitor (TAFI)0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
SAVM-AP抗Vimentin (Vm)0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
SAVN-AP抗Vitronectin (Vn)0.5 mg4676.7enzyme research
GAPC-AP抗人 Protein C (PC)0.5 mg4730.25enzyme research
HFXIIa 1212a11因子Ia0.5 mg4751.16enzyme research
SABT-APsheep, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg4783.8enzyme research
SAF13A-AP抗人 11因子II (A subunit)0.5 mg4783.8enzyme research
SAHT-APsheep, AP IgG,0.5 mg4783.8enzyme research
CIIaCanine 凝血酶0.1 mg4889.88enzyme research
PIIaPorcine 凝血酶0.1 mg4889.88enzyme research
RbIIa兔凝血酶0.1 mg4889.88enzyme research
RIIaRat 凝血酶0.1 mg4889.88enzyme research
SART-APsheep, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg4908.75enzyme research
HFIXa 1080九因子ab100 units (0.5mg)4924.56enzyme research
BFIXa 1080牛 九因子ab100 units (0.5 mg)4993.92enzyme research
HFX-GD 人 十因子1.0 mg4993.92enzyme research
HFXIIIa 131411因子IIa0.25 mg5202enzyme research
GACINH-AP            抗人 C1-Inhibitor (C1 esterase inhibitor)0.5 mg5212.2enzyme research
MAT小鼠抗凝血酶1.0 mg 5306.04enzyme research
SAF8C-AP抗人 F.VIII:C (F.VIII:C)0.5 mg5658.45enzyme research
SAFPA-APsheep, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg5658.45enzyme research
SAFPA-HRPsheep, perox-conj. IgG,                          0.2 mg       272.000.2 mg5658.45enzyme research
SAFV-APsheep, affinity purified IgG,0.5 mg5658.45enzyme research
SAPZ-AP抗人 Protein Z (PZ)0.5 mg5658.45enzyme research
CFXCanine 十因子0.1 mg5860.92enzyme research
RbX兔十因子0.1 mg5860.92enzyme research
HPK 1302人 Prekallikrein1.0 mg5895.6enzyme research
TAFIProcarboxypeptidase-B0.1 mg5944.05enzyme research
A1AT-EIA      Alpha 1 Antitrypsin5 plate6069enzyme research
ATIII-EIA        抗凝血酶 III5 plate6069enzyme research
FG-EIA           纖維蛋白原    5 plate6069enzyme research
FII-EIA           Pro凝血酶5 plate6069enzyme research
FV-EIA          Factor V5 plate6069enzyme research
FX-EIA          十因子5 plate6069enzyme research
FXI-EIA         11因子5 plate6069enzyme research
HCII-EIA         Heparin Cofactor II4plate6069enzyme research
MATIII-EIA     小鼠抗凝血酶4plate6069enzyme research
MFX-EIA       小鼠十因子4plate6069enzyme research
MPG-EIA      小鼠Plasminogen4plate6069enzyme research
PC-EIA          Protein C5 plate6069enzyme research
PCI-EIA          Protein C Inhibitor 5 plate6069enzyme research
PG-EIA          Plasminogen5 plate6069enzyme research
PS-EIA          Protein S5 plate6069enzyme research
TPA-EIA         Tissue Plasminogen Activator5 plate6069enzyme research
HFXai人 十因子a  100 units (0.8 mg)6190.38enzyme research
HFXII 121211因子I1.0 mg6225.06enzyme research
HFIXai人 九因子ab 100 units (0.5 mg)6381.12enzyme research
HGTH. Gamma 凝血酶1.0 mg6433.14enzyme research
APOH-EIA     Apolipoprotein-H5 plate6515.25enzyme research
MFG-EIA       小鼠纖維蛋白原4plate6515.25enzyme research
CFIXCanine Factor IX0.1 mg6831.96enzyme research
CFXaCanine 十因子a0.1 mg6831.96enzyme research
PFXaPorcine 十因子a0.1 mg6831.96enzyme research
RbXa兔十因子a0.1 mg6831.96enzyme research
APCAT-EIA   APC-1Antitrypsin Complex5 plate6854.4enzyme research
APCPCI-EIA   APC-Protein C Inhibitor Complex5 plate6854.4enzyme research
FVII-EIA        Factor VII5 plate6854.4enzyme research
FXII-EIA         11因子I                5 plate6854.4enzyme research
FXIII-EIA        11因子II5 plate6854.4enzyme research
FIX-EIA         Factor IX5 plate6936enzyme research
APC-GDActivated Protein C0.1 mg6970.68enzyme research
CFIX-EIA       Canine Factor IX4plate7050.75enzyme research
KN-EIA         Kininogen 4plate7050.75enzyme research
PK-EIA         Prekallikrein4plate7050.75enzyme research
VWF-EIA       von Willebrand Factor5 plate7050.75enzyme research
HAPO-HApolipoprotein-H0.5 mg7068.6enzyme research
TAT-EIA        凝血酶-抗凝血酶 Complex5 plate7407.75enzyme research
THCII-EIA       凝血酶-HCII Complex5 plate7407.75enzyme research
HPKa 1303人 Kallikrein1.0 mg7438.86enzyme research
HPKiInactivated Prekallikrein1.0 mg7438.86enzyme research
RFXaRat 十因子a0.1 mg7803enzyme research
HFXab-GD人 十因子a beta1.0 mg7959.06enzyme research
TAFI-EIA       TAFI    4plate8175.3enzyme research
HFXIIa 1212a11因子Ia1.0 mg8496.6enzyme research
PFibPorcine 纖維蛋白原1.0 g8531.28enzyme research
CFVIII-EIA     Canine Factor VIII4plate8585.85enzyme research
FVIII:C-EIA    Factor VIII:C4plate8585.85enzyme research
HPSProtein S1.0 mg8600.64enzyme research
RBFG-EIA     兔纖維蛋白原4plate9032.1enzyme research
HCIIHeparin CoFactor II0.5 mg9139.2enzyme research
a2APa2-Antiplasmin0.5 mg10103.1enzyme research
HPZ人 Protein Z0.5 mg10456.02enzyme research
BFIX 1005牛 Factor IX500 units (2.5 mg)12242.04enzyme research
HFXIII 131311因子II1.0 mg12744.9enzyme research
BFV/Va牛 Factor V/Va500 units (5 mg)12848.94enzyme research
HP 1002人 Pro凝血酶1,000 units (90 mg)      12848.94enzyme research
PF4Plaet Factor 40.5 mg13762.35enzyme research
BP 1004牛 Pro凝血酶1000 units (100 mg)13872enzyme research
HFX 1010十因子500 units (4.0 mg)15328.56enzyme research
HFXIIIa 131411因子IIa1.0 mg15501.96enzyme research
HPC 1001Protein C1.0 mg16056.84enzyme research
HFXIIab11因子Ia beta1.0 mg17027.88enzyme research
APC  Activated Protein C1.0 mg17079.9enzyme research
HFIX 1009Factor IX500 units (2.5 mg)17079.9enzyme research
HFXa 1011十因子a500 units (4.0 mg)18224.34enzyme research
HPZ人 Protein Z1.0 mg18831.24enzyme research
BFIXa 1080牛 九因子ab500 units (2.5 mg)19420.8enzyme research
HFIXa 1080九因子ab500 units (2.5 mg)20201.1enzyme research
HPC-GD人 Protein C1.0 mg20860.02enzyme research
HFVII 1007人 Factor VII1.0 mg21328.2enzyme research
HFXI 111111因子1.0 mg21328.2enzyme research
APC-GDActivated Protein C1.0 mg22212.54enzyme research
APCi  Activated Protein C1.0 mg22264.56enzyme research
HFXIa 1111a11因子a1.0 mg24830.88enzyme research
TAFIProcarboxypeptidase-B0.5 mg25222.05enzyme research
HFVIIa  人 Factor VIIa1.0 mg25559.16enzyme research
BFXa  牛 十因子a1000 units (10 mg)35200.2enzyme research



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